View, Add and Update Company/Location Address

How to view, add and update Company/Location address?

Step 1: You can view, add and update Company/Location address by Logging into your Servicase Service Provider account.

Step 2: Click Update Company Profile.
Step 3: Click on Company/Location addresses.
Step 4: You will be able to view the added Company/Location addresses.

Step 5: You can add new Company/Location addresse by clicking on Add address. Fill up the required details and click on save. The address will be added to the list.

Step 6: While adding location if the number of locations added exeeds the number of paid locations, you will be prompted to pay for the additional locations. Only the paid locations will be used on the public search.
Step 7: You can edit an address by clicking on edit againt the address.

Step 8: You can delete an address by clicking on delete.
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