eDispatching to a Service Provider

eDispatching a Case to a Service Provider:

Step 1: You can eDispatch a case by logging into your ServiCase carrier account.

Step 2: Click Home from the left panel
Step 3: Click on the Case ID or Search for the case you want to eDispatch for.
Step 4: To eDispatch a case, first make sure required information has been entered, then search for a service provider by clicking the Search button at the bottom of the services section. You need to select a service and service type to search for a service provider.
Step 5: The search results will display a list of service providers for you to select.
Step 6: Click on the paper airplane icon next to the service provider you wish to dispatch the case to. If the service provider is Online, the icon will be green and you will be able to eDispatch.
Step 7: Click on the icon, review the details on the dispatch popup and click on Dispatch Service to send the case

Step 8: The eDispatch request will be sent to the selected service provider through their dispatch software. A timer will start and wait for the service provider to respond. You may leave the timer page if you wish.

Step 9: Once the service provider responds, a notification will appear with their answer.

Step 10: You can accept or reject the service provider's response.

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