Search and Assign a Service Provider to a Case

Searching and Assigning a Service Provider to a Case:

Step 1: You can Assign a Service Provider by logging into your ServiCase carrier account using the Login button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2: The landing screen once you are logged in is the Home screen. If you would ever like to return to this screen, just click Home on the left panel navigation.
Step 3: Click on the blue Case ID to view the details of the case.
Step 4: After entering basic case information including the location, you can search for a service provider by clicking on the  Search button at the bottom of the services section. You need to select service and service type to search for a service provider, and that service provider must be within the area of your entered location and have those services available in their search eligible profile.
Step 5: After searching, a list of service providers with appear in the results.
Step 6: Click on  A ssign next to the service provider to simply assign them to the case. If you reached out to the service provider and they denied your request, click Declined and enter a reason why the service provider declined to accept the job. You can also click on the green paper airplane in order to digitally dispatch the case to the service provider if they are connected and online to receive the dispatch.
Step 7: After assignment, the service provider details will be available under Assigned Service Provider section of the case details.

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